How to Use Google Drive to Convert Images to Text?

If you are trying to convert any type of images into text that should be editable want to convert some scanned copy into text. Now you can easily this task using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software. It will help you to convert any scanned copy into text.

As usually, to do this task, you need to spend a right amount of money to install all of them and convert images to text. By spending money to get those Optical Character Recognition software only for the single user is not a good idea. But, you can easily convert the images to text without pay and cost, if you are using the Google Drive on your computer system. Now, the Google Drive is providing the OCR software to convert images to text in handy. This post will tell you how you can save images into text using OCR.

Steps to Convert Image to Text using Google Drive:- 

Before start the converting process, you need to make sure that there must be some text on the image already so that it will be converted to editable text. The Images can be of png, jpg or any other format. Not only pictures but also you can use the Google Drive to convert PDF files into text for free.

Below, you will get some steps to convert images to text and the same will help you to convert PDF files to text.

  • Go to the Google Drive website and log in to it.
  • If you do not have an account, then create it first.
  • Hit on the New button and then select File Upload to upload images file that you want to convert to text.
  • Then choose the particular image file, and it gets uploaded to Google Drive.
  • When your preferred files get uploaded, right click on the image file.
  • Then go to this path Open with >> Google Docs.
  • The new tab will open with the image.
  • You will see images are surrounded by the blue border and the corresponding editable text at the bottom.
  • You can reset the size of the blue border, based on the content as you want.
  • Ensure you have found the text as per your choice.
  • As per your comfort, you can select some options like Inline text, Wrap text and Break text. Please make sure that you go to the right text.
  • You will notice that your text is editable.
  • When you will ensure the conversion, delete the image from the tab, save the remaining text.
  • Then exit the current tab.
  • Now you can get the Google Document converted in the text next to the image file.
  • Now, the image has converted to text.
  • You can delete the images file that doesn’t want to use any more.
  • After that, you can edit it in the toe Google Drive or download to your using PC to edit it in your editor. 

Some Important Suggestions:-

  • If you face any issue with converting any file in text, make sure that you create the changes as your requirement before saving the converted document.
  • If only the specific part of the image is to be converted, then you need to crop that part of the image and then convert it into text again.
  • The images that you need to converte to text, please note it should be below 2 MB in size.
  • If you are converting PDF Files then only first ten pages are converted to text. So, if you want to convert in bulk then you need to follow the process for each of the ten pages, but not all at once.

We hope that this post will help you to convert images to text for free. Please follow the each given step to save your efforts.

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