How to Stop Third-Party Apps From Raking Your Gmail

It has been reported by the Wall Street Journal that there are some apps and services which are sifting through Gmail and other email services. Google has stopped scanning Gmail users’ for a while; there are some apps that have been created and they can sift through your emails. That means the free web emails users’ are not the only one to read their own emails.

Google admitted that it had permitted the developers to design their apps in such a way that the consumer would use them to add events to Google Calendars. But the marketing companies took advantage of it to get access to the emails of the consumers and get an insight of their behavior. According to the Wall Street Journal, third party’s employees and scanners are able to read the Gmail messages.

Though Google has admitted and explained the practice, it also said that it will be offering the solution for Gmail consumers. Google hasn’t cleared the steps it will take and how careful it will be while monitoring the problem.

As the issue has arrived now, it is time to take care of it, and here are the steps that should be applied to block the apps on your Google account.

  1. Go to “” to review which third-party app has reviewed your Gmail.
  2. Click on “Apps with account access.” In the section, you can see the apps to which you have given permission to access and have forgotten about that.
  3. Here you can easily determine the third-party apps and remove them by clicking “remove access.”
  4. Now click “Ok” to confirm that you really want to block these apps. The apps will disappear from the list, and they will not have access to your account anymore.

The option provided to block third-party apps is really helpful, but you have to be careful the next time while allowing the apps from your account.

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