How to prevent a website from opening in your device

If you hate a website and do not want to visit it again in future even by mistake or want a website to block completely in your child’s phone or PC, then you can block that website in all the browsers of your device at once. Here is how to block a site in all the browsers.

How to block a website in all the browsers of the iPhone or iPad

In the iPhone and iPad, you can block a website completely by adding it to the restriction in settings. Here is how to add a website in restrictions.

1.    Tap on iPhone’s ‘Settings’ icon.

2.    Tap on ‘General’ in settings.

3.    Go down to the middle of the general settings.

4.    Tap ‘Restrictions’.

5.    Enter the restrictions passcode or tap ‘Enable Restrictions’ and set a passcode.

6.    Go to the ‘ALLOWED CONTENT’ section.

7.    Tap ‘Websites’.

8.    Under ALLOWED WEBSITES, tap ‘Limit Adult Content.’

9.    Under NEVER ALLOW, tap ‘Add a Website…’

10.    Enter the full address of the website from ‘www’ to ‘.com or .net’.

11.    Tap ‘Done’ on the keyboard.

The website you added to ‘NEVER ALLOW’ will, now not open in any of the browser of the device.

How to block a website in all the browsers of Android

To stop a website from opening in the entire web browser of an Android device, you need to download a third party app called ‘Block Site.’ You can download the app from your Google Play Store.

Steps to download the Block Site app on your Android device:

1.    Type ‘blocksite’ in the Play Store search bar.

2.    Select ‘Block Site -Block Distracting Apps & Sites.’

3.    Hit the ‘Install’ button.

4.    Tap ‘Accept,’ if prompt.

Steps to block a website:

1.    Open the ‘Block Site’ app.

2.    Tap ‘Enable’ or ‘Go to Settings’ button. You need to enable accessibility for the app.

3.    Tap ‘GOT IT’ button when prompt.

4.    Your Android settings will open.

If not then open the ‘Settings’ manually > scroll down and open ‘Accessibility’ > tap ‘Block Site’ > and turn the switch on.

5.    Now, go back to the ‘Block Site’ app.

6.    Tap the green ‘+’ button.

7.    Enter the full address of the website from ‘www’ to ‘.com or .net’.

8.    Tap ‘Checkmark’ at the top. The website you added will be blocked. If you want to unblock the website, just tap the ‘Trash’ icon next to the website name. You can also block apps with the Block Site app.

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