How to Kill Apps in iPhone X

An app which runs while the phone performs another task, might take up the memory of the phone. It is not necessary to kill the app, as it keeps running to maintain the job. Killing an app doesn’t mean to remove or delete it from the phone memory, but to quit its functions to save the memory usage of the phone. In other words, killing an application is also called as force quitting the app, which could be helpful at times, for example, when the multiple applications running in the phone may make the device to perform slowly. This happens because the app requires memory and the distribution of memory to multiple applications slows down the performance.

Killing an app works not only for the application, not running properly but also for cleaning up the memory of the phone so that it could perform at its highest peak. Some users don’t like to kill an app as they do a lot of multitasking on their devices and some do as they want their phone to work properly.

From iOS 7 to iOS 11, the function was the same to kill the unresponsive or heavy applications. The users only have to double tap on the Home button and swipe up the apps, but now Apple Corporation has changed its traditional way to kill the app from the background. There is no home button given in the iPhone X. The gesture bar has replaced the Home Button through which the user can force quit the app.

How to force quit the apps in iPhone X

  1.    Swipe Up from the gesture bar, at the bottom of the screen.
  2.    Now, long press an app on the screen.
  3.    A red icon will appear at the left corner of the app.
  4.    To quit the apps, either swipe up the previews or tap on the red icon.
  5.    In iOS 12, it is extremely simple to kill the app. There is no need for a long press. Just swipe up and keep killing the app.

Multitasking on iPhone X is a lot easier and it is more convenient to switch between the applications. Still, the multitasking may use the phone’s memory at the highest level and in order to prevent the slow performance; force quitting the apps will work to reduce the memory usage.

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