How to Download and Install Connectify Hotspot on a Computer

With Connectify Hotspot, you can easily transform your desktop or laptop computer into a hotspot. It allows users to connect their devices to the net. Setting it up is fairly easy, Hotspot just needs to be named and secured with a passcode, and it gets set up! With this software, one can even set a hotspot with a wired internet connection. If you wish to turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot, then you should get Connectify. Downloading and installing Connectfy is an easy task. Here is a step by step guide for how to download and install Connectify Hotspot.

  1. Firstly, you need to install Connectify on your computer.
  2. Check if the OS is compatible with Connectify Hot Spot.
  3. Connectify is not compatible with Windows XP and Vista. You need to switch to Windows 7 or higher.
  4. If you do not know your OS version, then hit the Windows and S keys at the same time. Fill in “About” in the blank. Now, in the About This Computer section, you will be able to find the OS Edition.
  5. Now, head to the Connectify website and select which edition of Connectify you wish to get. Connectify comes in three variants:
  • Connectify Hotspot Pro

With Hotspot Pro, users can share internet via Wi-Fi and ethernet networks. It also monitors the real-time internet consumption by the device. Firewall controls are also present to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic of connected devices.

  • Connectify Hotspot Max

Apart from sharing the internet from not only Wi-Fi but also Ethernet, it allows users to customize DHCP and Internet Protocol controls.

  • Connectify Hotspot Pro

With Connectify Hotspot Pro, users can add hotspot on their computers. They can share the net with 3G and 4G networks. They can even personalize hotspot names.

  1. After picking the appropriate version. Click on the Download button. It is purple in color.
  2. You may have to purchase it if you have not already. To do that, click on the green Buy Now button. After that, register an account and make the payment.
  3. After clicking on the Download button, you will be prompted to select the download location. Select the appropriate location.
  4. Now, when the download is over, double-click on the Connectify icon located in the download location.
  5. You will receive a prompt from the User Account Control. Click on the Yes option to allow the app to make changes to the device.
  6. Go through the license agreement thoroughly.
  7. When you are satisfied, click on the Agree button to fire up the installation process.
  8. Allow the software to get installed on the computer.
  9. When the installation is successful, you will be prompted to restart the computer.
  10. For the changes to take effect, click on Restart Now.

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