How to convert eBook file formats directly on your device

EBooks are available in lots of file types and formats; it’s difficult to deals with all of them with an app or device. Different eBook file formats require a different eBook reader program or device. Not all devices and applications support all types or formats of eBooks. It’s not necessary that the book you read on your computer will work on your other device. However, there are some file formats that most of the reader software and devices support. So, to read your eBooks on all of your devices and readers, you can convert it into a standard file format. Although, many online file converters can convert file format of your eBook, what if you don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular data? Here are some offline ways to convert eBook file formats.

Using Calibre-Ebook management

This is a free app also a best eBook manager and converter. Calibre supports and converts most of the type of eBook formats.

Input formats Calibre supports: HTML, CBZ, CBC, EPUB, LRF, ODT, PRC, PML, RTF, TCR, TXT, SNB, RB, PDB, PDF, MOBI, LIT, FB2, CHM, and CBR.

Output formats: TXT, TCR, SNB, PDF, RB, PML, PDB, MOBI, LRF, LIT, OEB, FB2, EPUB.

Tips: To download Calibre eBook manager and converter in your PC, visit “”

Steps to adding eBooks in Calibre:

1.    Open the app.

2.    Click ‘Add books’ in the top corner.

3.    Browse your eBooks.

4.    Select and click ‘Open.’

EBooks have been added to the Calibre library. Now you can open, read, and also convert them.

Steps to convert eBooks with Calibre:

1.    Open your Calibre library.

2.    Select the eBook from the library you want to convert.

3.    Right click on the eBook to convert.

4.    Go to ‘Convert books.’

5.    Select ‘Convert individually’ (for one eBook) or ‘Bulk convert’ (for multiple eBooks).

6.    Click the ‘Output format’ dropdown button.

7.    Select the output format for eBook in which you want to convert them.

8.    Click the ‘OK’ button to start conversion.

That’s it! The selected eBook(s) are converted into your selected output format. Now, you can open and read the eBooks in the new format, to view files: right-click in the library and select ‘View.’

Converting eBooks with an eBook reader

You can also convert an eBook file format by sending it to an eBook reader such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or other. Calibre determines the file format your eBook reader supports and converts the eBooks you’re sending to it automatically into a compatible format.

1.    Connect your computer with an eBook reader.

2.    Calibre will delete the eBook reader and scan it.

3.    Open your Calibre library.

4.    Select the eBook(s) you want to convert or read into your eBook reader.

5.    Right click on selected eBooks.

6.    Go to ‘Send to device.’

7.    And, select your eBook reader.

That’s it! Once your eBooks are sent to the eBook reader, you can open and read them on it. These are the offline methods to convert eBook file formats or types. For converting online, just search on Google, you’ll get various online converters for converting a file format into other.

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