Facebook Tricks and Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Everyone gets confused by the settings option on Facebook at times, even the millennials who are addicted to social media. Suppose that you have commented on someone’s engagement photo and then get thousands of notifications even after their wedding. When you have logged in into Facebook chat and someone from old school awkwardly asks you out, what will you do? Here are some Facebook tricks and tips that will help you make your social networking experience better:

  • Get rid of the birthday notifications

You might be having so many friends that your phone keeps on blowing up with birthday notifications each day. Don’t worry; they are easy to avoid. Here’s how:

  1. Just click on the globe that shows notifications in the top bar of Facebook.
  2. Now click on “Settings” in the top right corner of the drop-down.
  3. Go to “Birthdays” and move the switch from “on” to “off.”
  4. Now add some important birthdays of your friend on your phone.
  • Review tags

You can review the posts that you are tagged in before they are visible on your timeline. Do you dislike the pictures posted by that frenemy? Don’t worry this can be checked and changed as well.

  1. Go back to Settings. It is now possible to change the way your tags and timelines are managed.
  2. Below the section of Timeline and Tagging in the sidebar, go to “Who can add things to my timeline.”
  3. Press edit to change this to “enabled” and say bye to pictures that should not have been clicked.
  4. Use lists to block “Family” from seeing specific posts.
  • Adding Custom Posts

Not safe for family or NSFF posts are no longer an issue with the lists. For creating a list:

  1. Tap on the “Friends” in the left sidebar of the home page and choose “Create List.”
  2. Enter the names of those specific people who come under the same category and give the title to the list accordingly so that these people are easy to find.
  3. By creating a list of relatives that are not really fans of your party selfies, Block them from seeing those posts without any problem.
  4. To block a list from seeing a post, tap on two little people icon next to date and time on the status.
  5. Now, choose “More Options.”
  6. Click on “Custom.”
  7. Type name of the list that you don’t want to see.

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