How to Cancel Subscription from Email Newsletters in Gmail

If your Gmail mail-box riddles again and again with messages from newsletters, retailers, promotions, customer support and more which you would never want to see, then you need to unsubscribe them now.

Google Script

Google Apps Script is a cloud-supported and lightweight selection to make simple routine tasks. If you already use a G Suite application then, for your enterprise, Google Apps Script has come with no extra costs. Apps Scripts are small bits and pieces of code which include custom features and incorporation into your G Suite applications.

I have a pure Google Script app which analyzes the content of bulk emails and discovers the link that is unsubscribed.

The script itself opens the link, and email gets automatically unsubscribed if any unsubscribe link is found. What happens in some cases, the trash sender would need you to send a message to a particular email address to unsubscribe, and our Google script is also capable of doing this.

And the significant benefit is that don’t need to allow access to your Gmail account to any third-party service. Whereas, you have access to add subscription emails to the unsubscribe queue from any of email clients as well as desktop and mobile apps.

Here, we provide you complete process that will help you in fixing your problem, follow the steps carefully to avoid trouble and also to save your time and efforts. The steps are discussed below:

Let’s get started:-

  1. Open the Gmail menu in Google Sheet.
  2. And then select to Configure.
  3. Let the script access to your Gmail account, when prompted.
  4. This Google Script is an open program which never uploads or stores even a single byte of your data. And it will always keep your privacy secure.
  5. In the inbox, type a name of your Gmail label (the default is Unsubscribe).
  6. All emails which are marked with this label will automatically be unsubscribed.
  7. Finally, save your changes.

The Gmail Unsubscriber program is now loaded and working in the background settings. To any email message in Gmail, you can now apply the Unsubscribe label, and you will be unsubscribed automatically in 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, you can be stress-free from those preposterous newsletters, retailers, promotions, and many more.

We hope that this blog must have helped you in some ways of exploring more about canceling Email subscriptions on your Gmail accounts.

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