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Having an antivirus is necessary to secure the devices and data, but with Norton, users get way more from its complete security suite. Norton by Symantec offers an array of security suites.

On the one hand, it offers basic Norton antiVirus which runs only on Windows PCs, on the other side, there are advanced products such as Norton Security Deluxe which run on Windows, Mac computers, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Norton products for windows include a two-way firewall which does not annoy the users with those pop-ups.  Norton Security Premium is another avant-garde robust antivirus program for Mac and Windows devices.

Norton Setup

To manage Norton subscription, one has to go to their online Norton account. When the user has registered their license key, then they can promptly install security on the device they are working on. Users can also send a link via email if they want to install the product on another device. In Norton account, users can even manage anti-theft.

Norton setup consists of three steps:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate

The user first needs to download the Norton product setup from After downloading, the downloader file has to be installed and run. At last, the user must activate the Norton product by entering the 25 character alphanumeric product key/code. The process of Norton installation is extremely quick. Since Norton programs are light-weight, it doesn't take more than a few minutes for the setup to get installed.

User Interface

Norton's user interface is exceptionally well-constructed and easy to navigate. It is crisp, succinct, and loaded with features. The primary user interface consists of four panels which are dedicated to Security, Identity, Performance and More. It is easy to launch updates, check subscriptions, and do more tasks on Norton window.

Removes Malware

Apart from scanning and eliminating viruses, Norton security programs also protect the device from malware attacks. It employs a combination or virus database, heuristics, and sandboxing to make sure that the device is protected from old as well as new threats. Moreover, very few false positives are generated by Norton. It can successfully identify and block zero-day exploits by using behavior detection. Also, it puts any suspicious file or software into quarantine.

 Removes Spyware

Spyware quietly monitors what the user does on their device. It is most commonly used to conduct financial or identity theft. Hackers steal passwords, login credentials, bank login details, identification details, and credit card numbers. Spyware is a kind of malicious software which is laced with a keylogger. Keylogger makes a copy of every keystroke. Hence, spies can also get access to the emails, messages, and chat messages sent from the infected device.

 Web Protection

Norton also offers web protection. It notifies the user if and when they are visiting any malicious website. It prevents the user from downloading malicious files from the internet. Web protection is an essential tool because the web is riddled with malicious sites. It is important to stay safe while browsing the web. Malware can enter the system via the web. Therefore it is essential to protect the system while using the internet.

Great parental controls

If you have children, then you should get Norton security suite because it comes with amazing parental controls. To shield your kids from the dangers lurking online, Norton comes with usage restriction tools and makes sure that your child is accessing safe websites. Users can also keep an eye on the history and Norton makes sure that the kids are protected from predators and cybercrimes.

Email protection

A number of viruses and malware get spread via mails. Even though junk emails may look like a puny nuisance, they can, in reality, cause severe harm to the device, even if the user has just opened the mail without clicking on any link. Norton antivirus protects the users from falling prey to email scams.


In the worst case scenarios, users have to depend on a backup to restore their system. Norton antivirus creates a backup of the most valuable data in the system and users can easily restore the data if it gets wiped out or damaged. If a user falls victim to a ransomware attack, then they can just restore the files encrypted by the hacker.

To enjoy the benefits of the robust security suites offered by Norton, purchase a product from the online store or retail store. After installing the purchased product setup, activate your Norton product at